Lauren Davidson

spacerWeb Designer

– Online Marketing / PPC Campaigns
– Web Design, Branding
– Analytics

US – Nevada – Las Vegas Metro
Available for:
Freelance & Permanent Work

With over 10 years in creative and strategic development, Lauren joins forces with internal and external companies on a multitude of creative projects to provide companies with innovative creative solutions. As an award-winning designer, she holds a strong expertise in Brand Development, Design, Global Consumer Marketing, Trend Forecasting, Online Marketing and Interactive. This infusion of experience-driven marketing and Trend Forecasting has helped many corporations create groundbreaking brands. This niche Lauren holds has lead in cultivating a unique perspective on brand marketing that has resonated within the retail, health & beauty, real estate communities, and non-profits earning her numerous awards and accolades internationally. Specialties • Brand awareness, consumer marketing research, trend forecasting • Retail/commercial planning and development processes • Commercial and Retail Luxury based product development • Strategic research.

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